The Art Tardis

This isn't my first blog about Staithes, the tiny village on the Yorkshire coast that was once home to Captain Cook, and given that it combines a built-in beauty with a shoreline location it doubtless won't be the last.  Why this time?  Because since 2012 there has been an annual arts festival and this was … Continue reading The Art Tardis


Glutton for Punishment

One of the advantages of living on your own is the freedom to indulge in whims. This why only a couple of weeks after my unsuccessful attempt to find a beautiful sunrise over a frost covered Whitby I was setting my alarm for another 5.45 start, this time to try the coastal hamlet of Staithes. … Continue reading Glutton for Punishment

On A Cold & Frosty Morning

Stepping away from the heat generated by my last post and into the cold of a wintry Yorkshire, I returned to the town of Whitby in the hope of shooting a beautiful sunrise over the headland where the Abbey ruins are silhouetted. At this time of year the alignment means that from just out at … Continue reading On A Cold & Frosty Morning

Thwarted or Thrilled?

Manchester Cathedral, Hexham Abbey, Ripon Cathedral.  Three great churches that impressed me with the quality of the wood carving in the choir stalls, and in particular the misericords, the folding wooden seats that provided support for those standing for long periods of prayer.  My research into the history of these buildings pointed me to another … Continue reading Thwarted or Thrilled?

As far as the eye can. Sea.

There are peninsulas and there are peninsulas.  The narrowness of the fragile spit that links Spurn Head to the mainland means it is easy to stand with water visible on either side of you.  Proceed south and the Head itself is more substantial, but climb to one of the highpoints and you now have a … Continue reading As far as the eye can. Sea.

Second Stop At My Second Stop

Just a little under two years ago a change of route home from a work assignment took me to Ribblehead and its impressive viaduct (though after Berwick it seemed to have lost some of the ability to astonish).  Nevertheless the presence here in the remote reaches of Yorkshire makes it an attractive location for photography.  Surely … Continue reading Second Stop At My Second Stop

Aberford Addendum

2016 has been a year of unforeseen events both politically and personally; so much so that it seems a lifetime ago that I visited Lotherton Hall and was surprised to find that it wasn't the place I expected it to be yet it is only a few months since my visit and even less since … Continue reading Aberford Addendum