Good things come to those who wait

In a recent conversation with my daughter Megan about the autumn foliage she had remarked that I should have plenty of opportunity to see this along the riverside in Durham, for in the days when she came to school here, she often noticed the trees as she crossed the river at Elvet. My route in … Continue reading Good things come to those who wait


New settings

I've been following a blog called experiments in experience for a little while now, as it's author, Verena Fischer captures street imagery in Berlin.  She shoots exclusively in black and white, and whilst I wouldn't shoot everything that she captures (I'm sure she'd feel the same about my photographs) the medium does work well in conveying … Continue reading New settings

Room with a view

I'm in the process of hunting for a new home at the moment, and it must be said with disappointing results.  Why do you have to pay more to rent a small two bedroomed flat than you do on the mortgage for a 3 bed detached? The problem is largely to do with space.  Over … Continue reading Room with a view

Trenches, strings, and roof wraggles!

Long before Channel 4 unleashed Tony Robinson and the rest of the Time Team crew upon us I was interested in archaeology, (studying Latin and Ancient History at school has that effect) and so when there was a dig taking place locally I was excited to see what was going on. This was in the … Continue reading Trenches, strings, and roof wraggles!