A Site for Sore Eyes? (Pt I)

When I think of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, I tend to think of a single location such as Palace Green in Durham, where both Castle and Cathedral are found, or Studley Royal in Yorkshire, where John Aislabie added his estate and water gardens to the existing ruins of Fountains Abbey.  In Sicily though, I found … Continue reading A Site for Sore Eyes? (Pt I)


Fit for a Prince

Though most of its citizens are doubtless unaware of this, Durham has a pretty special history.  There was probably an earlier settlement here, but the place was really put on the map when the monks of Lindisfarne arrived with the bones of St Cuthbert (hermit of the Farne Islands) 300 years after his death to … Continue reading Fit for a Prince

Worth Doing Güell (SOS)

Situated much further out from the city that the other Gaudí sites that I've written about, Parc Güell seemed no less popular, based on my inability to get a shot of the famous mosaic salamander without someone draping themselves over it for their holiday album. To be fair, I like to try to find a different … Continue reading Worth Doing Güell (SOS)

Pisa Is Not Alone (Venezia 208)

Mention a leaning tower and Pisa gets all the attention; not without warrant I must say, for the colonnaded design of that tower makes it particularly attractive (not to mention its impressive neighbours in Field of Miracles) and if you ever ascend its spiral, the experience of feeling thrown from wall to wall as the lean … Continue reading Pisa Is Not Alone (Venezia 208)

Public Works

The thousands of rail passengers who pass above it each week are probably completely oblivious to its existence, and who could blame them for as they arrive in Durham they are granted amazing views of the Cathedral and Castle, a World Heritage Site. The hundreds of motorists who drive by each week may never give … Continue reading Public Works

Wood you believe it? (Venezia 31)

It's the stones that grab the limelight.  The mosaics, the marble, the bricks, the stucco.  They all vie for your attention, but it's wood that makes Venice. Not just in the way-markers showing the safe routes across the lagoon, nor in the construction of its gondolas, not in the jetties or the innumerable mooring posts … Continue reading Wood you believe it? (Venezia 31)

How I warmed to 0°

Watch this space?  Watches and Space perhaps. As I left the O2 I was headed for a part of London that was completely new to me, and yet a place with enormous significance for the history of the UK.  Greenwich. What's so special about Greenwich then?  Like Durham it contains a World Heritage Site, a status which … Continue reading How I warmed to 0°