John Anglicus?* (Venezia 277)

Sometimes I capture an image on the spur of the moment because for me it contains some magic or meaning, even though at that moment in time I have no idea why. This shot is a case in point.  Strada Nuova is one of those Venetian rarities, a broad shopping street with an array of … Continue reading John Anglicus?* (Venezia 277)


Ground down

This was the penultimate weekend on my beach. I know I have no right to be so possessive, but in the years that I have been taking pictures upon its numberless grains of sand I feel I have grown to know it intimately, and probably more so than many who pass this way.  The beach … Continue reading Ground down

An Ill Wind

As I went cycling this morning I was acutely aware of how much things had changed since yesterday.  There was still some warmth in the air, but that air was moving much more rapidly.  As both bike and rider's knees creaked their syncopated complaint at the effort they were called on to make I pedaled … Continue reading An Ill Wind

Incongruously Appropriate

Hanging near the "entrance" to Whitburn Village (actually the traffic island by the Jolly Sailor pub) there used to a painted village sign, depicting a fish rising from the waves.  I say fish, but it was one of those heraldic fishes that could just as easily represent a dolphin to the untrained eye.  I can't … Continue reading Incongruously Appropriate

Finding “the special one”

Spoilers - there are no references to Jose Mourinho in this piece. Apart from that one. With my camera and I soon to be parted in the interests of repairing the damage caused by recent exposure to sea water, today was my last chance to go and get some pictures to blog about, and it … Continue reading Finding “the special one”

A change of heart

Now the beach is deserted except for some kelp Bob Dylan - Sara The road to hell is paved with good intentions so they say. This morning it had been my intention to go for a bike ride. There is still some snow about, but the main roads are clear so why not? Dropping my … Continue reading A change of heart

Thinking Differently

"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." - Aristotle All this week I've been inspired to write about creativity and mental health, or more precisely mental illness, following a piece of research published in the Journal of Psychiatric  Research by a Swedish  team led by Dr Simon Kyaga. Kyaga has long … Continue reading Thinking Differently