Roker Requiem

Summer is over, at least in astrological terms, and from the perspective of those who have returned to school, so seaside resorts take on a different character.  There's an air of sadness and resignation about the place as people come to terms with the heatwave that didn't happen again this year, and the days that … Continue reading Roker Requiem


And did those feet…

I read with interest this week that Wales lags only slightly behind the USA in terms of the levels of obesity in the population, and at first assumed that the rest of the UK must therefore be in a similar predicament, but discovered that in England at least the NHS is prepared to intervene sooner … Continue reading And did those feet…

Shirley you can’t be serious…*

In my younger days I was an award-winning chorister, and being called Williams there were those who assumed that my voice was part of my Welsh heritage. Understandable given the Welsh love of singing that is apparent whenever "The Red Dragons" play at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. However as I am adopted, my name gives no … Continue reading Shirley you can’t be serious…*