Gatesville NY*

You know you're in a town with a bit of history when you see street names ending in "gate". In Durham there's Framwellgate, Milburngate, Crossgate and Gilesgate for example. In the location I visited were a few more, including a pretty classy place for a fish and chip shop. Now you'd be forgiven for thinking … Continue reading Gatesville NY*


Un Leone Vichingo (Venezia 269)

The Lion of St Mark is ubiquitous; a proud, winged beast with one paw raised to rest upon a copy of the patron saint's gospel.  It is the trademark of the city and emblazons buildings, monuments, flag poles, the flags they bear, and of course all manner of tourist paraphernalia. So you might think that … Continue reading Un Leone Vichingo (Venezia 269)