Referenced in Song

I've some things in common with Tony Corbell, the award-winning photographer. We both shoot with Canon, we're both heavily involved with training and photography; it's just that for him the latter is his main wage earner and the former is something he believes in very strongly; sharing knowledge and experience. Those roles are reversed for … Continue reading Referenced in Song


Mancunian Magnificence

Back in Manchester, and time to turn my attention away from Salford Quays to the city proper, but what should be my subject? For a historic city, Manchester is missing a vital ingredient.  A castle.  The chester suffix derives from there being a Roman fortification here, but visit Castlefields and there is no trace of a … Continue reading Mancunian Magnificence

All Features Great and Small

I'm back in Glasgow, but based more centrally than on previous visits and on foot too, my preferred option for exploring a city photographically.  As a consequence I've ended up with too many pictures for a single post so will probably spread myself over two or three.  So what have I been shooting? Not the … Continue reading All Features Great and Small