Pirating History

Walking down Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik, it's easy to picture it as a pirate haven with rum-soaked marauders staggering from the many alleys supported by exotic wenches out to part the buccaneers from their doubloons and pieces of eight.  The image owes much to the climate and the pale stone of all the … Continue reading Pirating History


Maritime Powers

During the Rio Olympics I was in a Croatian bar with the ubiquitous TV showing live sport, though as the games were in progress it wasn't showing football.  The event in question was sailing, and though I understood neither the captions nor the commentary, all I could see was the GB had a competitor vying … Continue reading Maritime Powers

What the Blaises?

How is your throat today?  A little sore?  Or maybe you've some wool that needs unravelling?  More seriously perhaps you're at risk of imminent invasion? Who you gonna call? Perhaps a man who was martyred early in the 4th Century? St Blaise, St Blazey, San Biagio, St Blasius, San Blas; his reputation spread throughout the … Continue reading What the Blaises?

Fine dell’Avventura (Venezia 365)

Well this is it, my final image from my project to reveal a different aspect of Venice for each day of the last year.  I didn't save the best 'til last, but I did save one that is unmistakably Venetian.  I've enjoyed the journey as I've learnt so much more about the city from my … Continue reading Fine dell’Avventura (Venezia 365)

The Sign of Four (Final Venezia Bonus)

Wedged into a corner where the Basilica San Marco adjoins the Palazzo Ducale is a compact piece of sculpture that were it not for its colouring would probably garner little attention, yet it has great significance as both art and history. It depicts four identical men, with embracing pairs facing in different directions, making it … Continue reading The Sign of Four (Final Venezia Bonus)

That’s Amore (Venezia 364)

In amongst all the gushing about the architecture, history and food that I experienced in Venice, I have over the last 12 months posted some pieces that were critical of aspects of Italian life; corruption, brutal policing, mindless bureaucracy, and organised crime for example. Yet in any love affair we are able to overlook the imperfections … Continue reading That’s Amore (Venezia 364)

Tasteless (Venezia 363)

For the first time visitor to the city, emerging into the daylight from the shaded interior of the railway station is a dramatic experience.  The open space before you seems full of light, accentuated by the white stonework around you and the sparkling green waters of the Grand Canal. Then your eye is grabbed by … Continue reading Tasteless (Venezia 363)