USA (Habana 53)

You can't really consider Cuba as a country without considering the role of Uncle Sam; their intervention in the war for independence from Spain was a turning point, the consideration of Cuba become part of the Union, the influx of American investment (much of it from organised crime), their support for the Batista dictatorship until … Continue reading USA (Habana 53)


España (Habana 18)

Cuba’s independence from Spain came after years of bloody conflict; though the extent of that bloodshed is a matter of debate.  Tales of atrocities reported in American newspapers of the time may well have been exaggerated or completely fabricated with the intention of drawing the US into the conflict on the side of those who … Continue reading España (Habana 18)

Stand off & Deliver

Arriving in Thatcham this evening I had just enough time to capture some interesting Rorschach-like images of the sun going down with the crystal clear reflections of Taffy's pond.  I wish I could have stayed longer to give the sky more of a chance to develop its colour range, but it was not to be, … Continue reading Stand off & Deliver

A Question Of Belief

Spinning away on my turbo trainer on Sunday morning I caught most of a short radio programme in which political philosopher John Gray was reflecting on the power of human beings to eschew all rational thought, burying inconvenient truths that are discordant with our preferred view of the world.  We cling to beliefs in direct … Continue reading A Question Of Belief

You Only Bake Twice

Britain has taken baking to its heart again, a fact due in no small part to the phenomenal success of The Great British Bake Off presented by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.  Mary Berry has been synonymous  with baking for decades but Hollywood has come from seemingly from nowhere to become a TV "personality"; granted his … Continue reading You Only Bake Twice

Look out Tank Girl!

I've spent the whole day training others to deliver presentations, part of which required me to listen to short presentations by each of the delegates on a topic of their choosing.  The subjects were certainly varied; learning to play a keyboard, the seven wastes, scuba diving at the Farne Islands and the Movember moustache challenge … Continue reading Look out Tank Girl!