The Very Visible Lighthouse

A couple of years ago my daughter Holly and I attended an unusual screening at Tyneside Cinema in which a film director was premiering his latest (and only) film. The evening was in three parts. Firstly the film was shown, though soundtrack and narration were performed live from a spot to the left of the … Continue reading The Very Visible Lighthouse


The Beauty of a Dream

all of the buildings, all of those cars were once just a dream in somebody's head dreaming of mercy st. wear your inside out dreaming of mercy Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street (link to Iain Matthews cover) In my frequent work trips to Bootle, Widnes and now Warrington, I feel I make more than my fair … Continue reading The Beauty of a Dream

Putting On Extra Layers

My first encounter with a camera obscura was in 1972. I, like many others of my age, was addicted to a children's TV drama that ran throughout that summer called, appropriately enough, The Long Chase.  Time seems to pass more slowly in the halcyon days of youth, and so a serial comprising 13 weekly episodes was … Continue reading Putting On Extra Layers

Flying North

I'm staring right into the light And I'm drawn in like a moth And I'm flying North again... Thomas Dolby - Flying North To be fair, I wasn't flying.  I'd driven to the first of my three stops this morning, but the moment I stepped from the car into wind ripping along the North Sea … Continue reading Flying North

Expression & Gesture

I was going to call this body language, a title perhaps more suited to last weekend's imagery, but as someone whose work often focuses on communication and relationships the topic of non-verbal communication is never far away, and of course as I've dated a number of women in the last year I've had one eye … Continue reading Expression & Gesture

Return to Mulberry*

Down the beaches Hand in hand Twelfth of never On the sand Then war took her away Europa and The Pirate Twins  I must apologise for bringing Thomas Dolby back to these pages with such indecent haste, but his showing/performance of The Invisible Lighthouse at the Tyneside Cinema resonated so strongly that I could not … Continue reading Return to Mulberry*

Aliens Ate My Buick

Wasn't sure there was going to be a blog this weekend. I've been an admirer of Thomas Dolby for many years; as a former keyboard player I was powerless to resist the appeal of his gadgetry.  He is the ultimate geek muso, which of course is why he was in so much demand as a … Continue reading Aliens Ate My Buick