Litoral-Leigh Underwhelmed?

Given my love for all things coastal; you'd think I'd be delighted by a place with four pubs each of which boasts a maritime name; a place with an award-winning beach; and a place with a reputation for the quality of its seafood (no, not plaice!) A place where sailboats rest between tides as they … Continue reading Litoral-Leigh Underwhelmed?


The Treasure Hunter

Southend Pier continues to close its doors whenever I'm in town with a minute or two on my hands to wield the camera, so I was left with a stroll along the beach at Thorpe Bay to provide me with some visual riches. Just a small matter first; can you have a beach on a river? … Continue reading The Treasure Hunter

A Further Blast

Back in Southend this week, I found myself on another blast beach but for very different reasons to the one I wrote about recently.  Heading down the steps from the parking area, impressions were initially positive.  This is the Thames Estuary however, so the low tide reveals acres of mud and shingle, which are very … Continue reading A Further Blast