Glutton for Punishment

One of the advantages of living on your own is the freedom to indulge in whims. This why only a couple of weeks after my unsuccessful attempt to find a beautiful sunrise over a frost covered Whitby I was setting my alarm for another 5.45 start, this time to try the coastal hamlet of Staithes. … Continue reading Glutton for Punishment


On A Cold & Frosty Morning

Stepping away from the heat generated by my last post and into the cold of a wintry Yorkshire, I returned to the town of Whitby in the hope of shooting a beautiful sunrise over the headland where the Abbey ruins are silhouetted. At this time of year the alignment means that from just out at … Continue reading On A Cold & Frosty Morning

Where do I begin?

The Tees bridges I've written about were sort of "freebies".  Shots that I have taken when in the neighbourhood.  But what should I do with my first free weekend on Teesside?  Head for the hills?  Or Grade I listed Acklam Hall?  Those options will come in time I'm sure, but for me there was only … Continue reading Where do I begin?

Good things come to those who wait

In a recent conversation with my daughter Megan about the autumn foliage she had remarked that I should have plenty of opportunity to see this along the riverside in Durham, for in the days when she came to school here, she often noticed the trees as she crossed the river at Elvet. My route in … Continue reading Good things come to those who wait

Shy bairns…*

Whilst out on Friday, I had a bit of role reversal; I was setting up my tripod to shoot some slow shutter shots of the sea lapping at the foot of the promenade steps, when a softly spoken Irishman approached me to request one or two of my pictures. Wesley had no way of knowing … Continue reading Shy bairns…*