Lacking Inspiration

I've been less than kind about my home town of Sunderland's attempts at public art and architecture, though the posts were so long ago that I feel safe in raising the issue again, because the town's decision makers just keep doing it again. The Millennium may seem a long time ago now, but it was … Continue reading Lacking Inspiration


Lux Appeal

A recent email from Canon directed me to the work of a Merseyside hairdresser call Stephen McNally.  I should stress that it was his photography not his tonsorial creations that I was viewing and what inspirational images he produces; using long exposure techniques to smooth out the movements of tide, and blur wind-blown clouds into dynamic … Continue reading Lux Appeal


On a speed walk through Sunderland to collect my freshly repaired car I encountered a couple of new artworks that have been installed as part of a redevelopment near the site of the Magistrates' Court. Now I have been disparaging about the local authority's attempts at public art her before, the pier gates that began to … Continue reading Success?


With a few minutes to kill in Sunderland, I naturally looked for something to photograph in my immediate vicinity, but before I had released the shutter even once, a blonde woman in brightly coloured clothing appeared and having wished me good morning directed my attention to the alms cottages to my right, and suggested I … Continue reading Ambivalence

Contrasting Fortunes (Venezia 129)

Sunderland, where I was born, has a glass making history which can be traced back to 674 AD when the monastery in Monkwearmouth brought craftsmen in from France to create England's first stained glass window in the small Anglo-Saxon church of St Peter.  Glass remained a key industry in the town for over 1300 years, until the … Continue reading Contrasting Fortunes (Venezia 129)

Ready for the Moment

Carry a camera. It’s tough to take pictures without one. Jay Maisel I've not been far this week, partly because my car was in for repair after a moment of selective blindness led to me destroying one of the doors while leaving a car park.  The short walk between the body repair shop and the … Continue reading Ready for the Moment

Class in a Glass

A long weekend. So it rains. Heavily. J and I had planned a stroll along the seaside, maybe with a spot of kite-flying too to pander to our competitive instincts, and when we were ready to go it was still bright and dry. When we parked our car it was still bright and dry. But then … Continue reading Class in a Glass