Let me introduce myself…

I've written before about my work with students from overseas, and the way in which Asian students have a tendency to adopt "western" names.  Although it makes my life easier, I have mixed feelings about this.  Many Anglophones rely upon the fact that English is a universally accepted language to make not effort to learn another … Continue reading Let me introduce myself…


Degrees of Unrest

It's that time of year again when I'm spending my weekends in the company of post-graduate business students, most of who are from overseas.  I love these weekends, though the days are long (up at 6.00 to cycle and 15 hours later I'm still processing the pics I took today in readiness for sharing with … Continue reading Degrees of Unrest

Nominally British?

The British journalist Sangita Myska recently produced a programme about British attitudes to "foreign" names, based on her own experiences and those of other prominent Brits who can trace their roots to other cultures. The inability of many of us to cope with these less common names can make even the most straight forward of … Continue reading Nominally British?


Having photographed people of many different nationalities during the course of this project one of the challenges has been getting skin tone exposed correctly. I have a good sense of what looks right for Caucasian skin, and for most of the South East Asians that I have encountered, but for those of African origin, or … Continue reading Contrast

Am I missing something?

In my discussions with students yesterday, the subject of my blog came up and I was asked about how people react to being asked for a photograph.  I replied truthfully about my finding that in general the following rules apply: Men more often than not will agree, and frequently without asking me why I want … Continue reading Am I missing something?

Bondage in a new light.

Bond films are supposed to be entertaining hokum, good fun not to be taken seriously, and this is probably reflected in the fact that the films though enormously successful have never won an acting Oscar.  Maybe Dame Judi will put that right. Skyfall requires just as much suspension of disbelief as many of its predecessors, … Continue reading Bondage in a new light.

Eine schöne Türkin

Recent  football headlines have been dominated by an issue that many had thought was in an advanced state of decline.  Racism. John Terry's mealy mouthed denials were not believed by the Football Association, England players were subjected to "monkey chants" in Serbia, and "Kick it Out", the campaign which aims to end racism in soccer … Continue reading Eine schöne Türkin