Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)

In the UK it's often seen as a sign of someone's lack of class if they are seen leaving a branch of Gregg's the bakers munching into a freshly bought pasty straight out of its bag. It's "chavvy" or common to do so in many people's eyes, possibly because it is an impossible task to … Continue reading Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)


Food (Habana 24)

As I've previously mentioned, Havana isn't a place to come in expectation of great culinary expectation, which isn't to say that you won't find moments of magic. Of the three restaurants in the 5* Hotel Nacional, even the most expensive struggles to make something as straightforward as a Salad Nicoise. The irregularity of ingredient supply … Continue reading Food (Habana 24)