Continuing my exploration of the long exposure technique with another lighthouse - sort of. I've come to the mouth of the Tyne where lights are in abundance.  Glance across to the north bank of the river and you see the high lights and low lights of North Shields. In contrast to many stories of the … Continue reading Hexapod


Differing Tastes

Another disappointing British Bank Holiday Monday.  Yes it was dry, and even sunny at times, but so cold and windy that it was hard to believe this was late Spring rather than late Autumn. So when looking for an activity for the day that wouldn't be totally reliant on the weather, we opted for South … Continue reading Differing Tastes

Aliens Ate My Buick

Wasn't sure there was going to be a blog this weekend. I've been an admirer of Thomas Dolby for many years; as a former keyboard player I was powerless to resist the appeal of his gadgetry.  He is the ultimate geek muso, which of course is why he was in so much demand as a … Continue reading Aliens Ate My Buick

Are you experienced?*

When your eldest daughter (who is a Classics undergraduate) mentions something about being excited to be going to an amphitheatre and seeing Arbeia, your first thoughts are that she is planning to do some field work at the end of term in Roman South Shields. I say first thoughts, because that word "excited" should really … Continue reading Are you experienced?*

Baby I don’t care

I’ve been reading Roberto Valenzuela’s book Picture Perfect Practice, largely for the fact that it requires you to complete regular assignments to incorporate some of the content into your experience.  Much of it may be familiar, but then it never does any harm to embed best practice into your methodology. The first chapter relates to … Continue reading Baby I don’t care

Incongruously Appropriate

Hanging near the "entrance" to Whitburn Village (actually the traffic island by the Jolly Sailor pub) there used to a painted village sign, depicting a fish rising from the waves.  I say fish, but it was one of those heraldic fishes that could just as easily represent a dolphin to the untrained eye.  I can't … Continue reading Incongruously Appropriate

Chalk & Cheese

My eldest daughter Megan is home from university for the next 5 weeks; 5 weeks that will see some significant changes in this family as we separate and begin new lives, so it's nice that Meg, and her boyfriend Jack, are here for one last time with all of us present. She arrived on Friday … Continue reading Chalk & Cheese