Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

...was my favourite artistic experience of my recent trip to Rome, where a Hokusai exhibit was consigned to the basement gallery of the Ara Pacis museum.  Apologies if you've arrived here expecting some new insights into Japanese woodblock printing; I chose the title because I was constantly reminded of the collection as I drove around … Continue reading Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji



When you visit a museum that incorporates items of military history such as Les Invalides in Paris, or less romantically the Royal Armouries in Leeds, then you're likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of weaponry and armour on display there, and picture huge forces of well prepared men whose equipment glinted in the … Continue reading Pennyman

Second Stop At My Second Stop

Just a little under two years ago a change of route home from a work assignment took me to Ribblehead and its impressive viaduct (though after Berwick it seemed to have lost some of the ability to astonish).  Nevertheless the presence here in the remote reaches of Yorkshire makes it an attractive location for photography.  Surely … Continue reading Second Stop At My Second Stop

Life’s what you make it

While I'm reading Christa Meola's new book  The Art of Boudoir Photography, I'm looking for tips and techniques I can put to use in more mundane contexts.  Having read about her favourite lens choices yesterday I thought I might try shooting at 50mm all day today, as a focal length that is very similar to … Continue reading Life’s what you make it

Time & Place

The last week has seen me making a few journeys cross-country, where I've been based in Aintree on Merseyside.  Of course I packed my camera, in the hope that I might have the opportunity to make a short detour to Crosby beach and find a new angle on Another Place, the collection (100 in all) of Antony … Continue reading Time & Place