For a Few Shoulders More (Enna III)

The church of Santissimo Salvatore can trace its origins to 1261 (though it's been rebuilt since then) and so its lack of size is compensated for by being one of the town's oldest and most important churches, and in so far as many christians see the church as being the people who attend rather than … Continue reading For a Few Shoulders More (Enna III)


A Fistful of Colours (Enna II)

The reason for so many to be here became apparent only gradually.  The carriage of garment bags and trundling of cases laid a trail that many would follow; though most were deterred by iron gates and returned to the duomo for easier prey. The patient, and the knowledgable knew better. Soon creatures of varying plumage … Continue reading A Fistful of Colours (Enna II)

Oversimplifying over Sicily

As I'm about to add Sicily to the Italian posts that I share here I felt that I should begin with some historical context; though if I'm to do so without this becoming the longest post I've ever submitted I'll need to keep the brush strokes very broad; and so I welcome corrections and elaborations … Continue reading Oversimplifying over Sicily