Both sides now

The mouth of the River Wear is a place of contrasts.  On the south bank; the docks and quays of the Port of Sunderland, a commercial port providing berthing, loading and repair services for a variety of vessels like this Japanese multi-purpose heavy-load transport ship Kurobe.

The north bank is a more relaxed place, home to a campus of the University, an Anglo-Saxon church, the National Glass Centre and the marina with its Marine Activities Centre.I love to stroll around here and enjoy the sights and sounds, though I am puzzled as to who owns the dozens of boats; trawlers, inflatables, yachts, canoes etc., that are moored here, because I only seem to ever see a very small number of them in use, by which I mean actually leaving the marina.  I’m sure some  are like floating garden sheds, a male drinking refuge, rather than actively functioning vessels.

Here there are always possibilities; abstract patterns of light and water waiting to be photographed.

Here art imitates life imitates art.

And alongside the boats?  (Apart from an anamorphically projected door carved out of a wall of rock)

Well what else would you expect to find here but a hairdresser and an aromatherapy studio – just what every seafarer needs!  The coffee shop does well too, especially on such a fine August morning.  I wonder if Fiona was headed there after walking her dog?

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now


Treasures of the Beach

In my half hour of fresh air today I found some more items of interest, rediscovered an old friend, and had a comedy moment.

The found objects first:

The old friend is actually one of the items I spotted yesterday, but couldn’t believe that I should find it again after a couple of tides had washed over it.  It was clearly an omen so I’ve kept it!

Finally on meeting two women walking a dog and asking for a picture I had extremes of reaction; Margaret literally fled (though only for a short distance thankfully) whilst Angela picked up her dog to be in the picture.  With a bit of persuasion Margaret agreed to join in (don’t know why she had a problem as she has a fabulous smile) and Rocky agreed to pose.  Bit different from my usual style!