On my numerous journeys up and down the M6 motorway over the years, I've long been intrigued by an elegant domed structure that looks down from a hilltop in the city of Lancaster.  What's more I've never been to the city that spawned the House of Lancaster, one of the protagonists of the Wars of the … Continue reading Hinterland


Aqua Vita

Thirty six hours after my arrival in Genoa the weather changed from crisp sunshine to cold, wet misery, so my exploration turned to indoor options. Those options are limited at night but there's one notable exception. Where else do you go in Genoa when it's wet; L'Acquario. As I mentioned in my piece about the redevelopment … Continue reading Aqua Vita

Victim of Prejudice

The town of Blyth has a long history, going back at least as far as the 12th century. Finds from the Neolithic era have been found nearby, though that in itself is no evidence of a settlement.  All the same it should be exactly the sort of place that appeals to me, especially when you … Continue reading Victim of Prejudice

Glorious Food?

In the last year I've delivered a lot of training on the subject of the forces that drive change and how organisations respond to those forces. One of the examples that seemed to emerge regularly from those discussions was the way in which the UK has become more of a "foodie" nation. We talked about … Continue reading Glorious Food?

Sea and Land

Back in my younger days my inner nerd was satisfied by hours spent on Sunday afternoons playing Dungeons & Dragons (coincidentally with the same George Mitchell mentioned in my last Merseyside post). One particular session comes back to me, as a combination of elements gave it added resonance. The Lichway was set at the extremity … Continue reading Sea and Land

How Many Saints to Change a Lightbulb?

There's something about small outcrops of land just offshore that become islands at high tide but allow access to the mainland when the waters recede. It's a decent defensive strategy in a siege to see your attackers submerged twice a day, but it was also attractive for religious hermits who wanted some barrier between themselves … Continue reading How Many Saints to Change a Lightbulb?

Maritime Powers

During the Rio Olympics I was in a Croatian bar with the ubiquitous TV showing live sport, though as the games were in progress it wasn't showing football.  The event in question was sailing, and though I understood neither the captions nor the commentary, all I could see was the GB had a competitor vying … Continue reading Maritime Powers