On the many occasions that I've driven to and from Edinburgh, one of the highlights of the route is the stretch just north of Berwick, where the road follows the line of the clifftops and the untamed North Sea is close at hand.  It's not in the same league as Amalfi's Nastro Azzurro for drama, … Continue reading Lodestones


Getting Defensive (Berwick II)

Berwick's precarious position meant that whether Scots or English were in control, there were always reasons to establish defences so that that control could be maintained. The first castle was built here in the 12th Century by the Scots.  In England during this era preference was for the 'Motte & Bailey' design introduced by the Normans; … Continue reading Getting Defensive (Berwick II)


The blog reverts to travelog mode again today as my work this week has taken me to Scotland's largest city; Glasgow. I've been here before on a number of occasions, but always work-related, and so I feel I've never really got to know the city as well as its sister along the M8, Edinburgh. Those … Continue reading Glasgowld

Holiday, holiday, holiday time.

I've never really been a caravanner.  To be fair I've not experienced enough of it to see the appeal.  There were a couple of days in Castle Douglas, Scotland when my parents had agreed to tow a friend's caravan home.  That was notable for three things; My friend Jonathan's vomiting What seemed an interminable showing … Continue reading Holiday, holiday, holiday time.

Let’s go living in the past*

At 23.6 degrees Celsius, the Aberdeenshire town of Aboyne set a record last week for the highest temperature ever recorded in Scotland during March.  Seven days later, and early April sees the same town lying under several centimetres of snow.  A week is a long time in climatics. The same weather system that painted Aboyne … Continue reading Let’s go living in the past*