Bloodied from the Wreckage

Let's be  clear.  I'm not seriously hurt. If you've read my recent post about the clothing choices required of a wandering photographer you'll understand that some shots require the right protective gear, and on this occasion I didn't have it. So I didn't yomp across wet sands at low tide. Nor did I continue my … Continue reading Bloodied from the Wreckage


Turned Out Nice Again*

I have been to this part of the North West before, because I have a vague childhood memory of my father taking me on a pleasure flight from Southport beach sometime in the 1960's.  It was probably my first experience of flying. Nevertheless the intervening years have erased all other impressions, so my expectations of … Continue reading Turned Out Nice Again*

Costa Cleveland

I've posted images from this part of the world previously, but courtesy of my friend Julie I was able to explore Saltburn's beach in a little more detail, beginning with the stretch below the towering walls of Huntcliff, the brown ironstone that was once extensively mined stained white in places by the nesting gull population … Continue reading Costa Cleveland

Regimented (Venezia 219)

You'll pay a premium to make use of the facilities of the private beaches on Lido (though Rupert Everett famously challenged their right to keep him off their sand), and for that you'll get better quality sand (cleaner), a sun bed and shade, your own changing room, and a security guard to chase the riff-raff … Continue reading Regimented (Venezia 219)

Farne From The Madding Crowd

I've never been to the Farne Islands. This wildlife sanctuary maintained by the National Trust lies just off Seahouses on the Northumberland Coast, so with a long weekend at my disposal, it seemed like a good time to rectify the matter. If I'm totally honest I did nearly visit once before, but a planned trip … Continue reading Farne From The Madding Crowd

Ground down

This was the penultimate weekend on my beach. I know I have no right to be so possessive, but in the years that I have been taking pictures upon its numberless grains of sand I feel I have grown to know it intimately, and probably more so than many who pass this way.  The beach … Continue reading Ground down

An Ill Wind

As I went cycling this morning I was acutely aware of how much things had changed since yesterday.  There was still some warmth in the air, but that air was moving much more rapidly.  As both bike and rider's knees creaked their syncopated complaint at the effort they were called on to make I pedaled … Continue reading An Ill Wind