Pisa Is Not Alone (Venezia 208)

Mention a leaning tower and Pisa gets all the attention; not without warrant I must say, for the colonnaded design of that tower makes it particularly attractive (not to mention its impressive neighbours in Field of Miracles) and if you ever ascend its spiral, the experience of feeling thrown from wall to wall as the lean … Continue reading Pisa Is Not Alone (Venezia 208)


La Sposa Solitaria (Venezia 205)

For many (and doubtless more after Mr Clooney's example) Venice is the perfect city in which to marry.  Luxurious hotels, historic palaces, secret gardens, and photogenic backdrops abound.  My shot of the bride being gently rowed to her wedding was marred when one of her family seated in the same gondola moved into frame and blocked the lady … Continue reading La Sposa Solitaria (Venezia 205)

Jiffy Bag (Venezia 163)

Despite my extensive meanderings I didn't see the shop.  (Perhaps it's just as well!) I'm guessing it lies amongst the other brands that populate San Marco, and that most of its customers are aspirational rather than actual drivers.  Nevertheless the stock must go quickly!  

Lampione (Venezia 64)

They'll probably crop up again because they appealed to me so much; there is a certain design of lamp-post found in many parts of the city which I just love.  They are ornate, they are colourful (you'll have to take my work on that) and they work! Having the opportunity to shoot a repeating pattern, … Continue reading Lampione (Venezia 64)

Not all it’s cracked up to be (Venezia 15)

Time for one of the obvious Venetian shots - the pinnacle of the Campanile San Marco, bell tower of the basilica that dominates the great piazza, and many views of the city from the lagoon.  It is one of the tallest, if not the tallest structure in Venice, at least until the vast ten storey … Continue reading Not all it’s cracked up to be (Venezia 15)