XXX (Kiss, Kiss, Kiss) Habana 56

Not withstanding the views expressed by others about the latin charms of Havana’s residents, or the thread on Trip Advisor about where to find romance in the city, it’s not a place that I would consider as having a lot of romantic possibilities.

Now that might say more about me than it does Havana.  Perhaps I was blind to the opportunities, but I’d like to think that I do have a romantic bone or two in this body.

For me the heat and humidity caused the problem.  It’s hard to feel confident of your appeal when your clothes, rather than enhancing your physical appeal, cling to everything they touch and soaked by perspiration become unflatteringly shapeless.   When perfumes must battle with a mustiness that is ingrained into everything from buildings to banknotes.  When you come ready seasoned with a layer of saltiness.

One of the options suggested on the Trip Advisor thread was to enjoy drinks at sunset on the patio of the Hotel Nacional, something that I did on a couple of occasions after a day of exploration in the city.  On one evening a striking brunette in scarlet dress with matching lips sat at my table to write her journal for the day and we soon struck up a conversation.  If Cupid did arrive with his bow and arrow he would have been disappointed.  Conscious of my dishevelled and dusty appearance, and self-conscious of any possible aroma, I quickly excused myself to my room and the shower, never to see her again.

So I don’t see Rome or Paris feeling threatened by Havana, but there were others who may disagree!


Saturday Night

Driving home late last Saturday my iPhone shuffled to Saturday Night by The Blue Nile.  Now I have to say that during the emotional ups and downs of the last year or so I’ve found many of my favourite songs unbearable to listen to.  Bonnie Raitt has suffered unduly from my sudden need to hit the forward button on my car’s dashboard, as have Paul Buchanan’s band.  But last Saturday I was in good spirits, the song was serendipitous in its timing, and prompted a range of images to mind.  With this being Valentine’s weekend, I thought it would make a different sort of post to put words and pictures (some old, some new) together.

Saturday Night – The Blue Nile

Who do you love?
Who do you really love?
Who are you holding on to?September 07, 20124
Who are you dreaming of?
Who do you love?
When it’s cold and it’s starlight_MG_3909edit
When the streets are so big and wide

I love you
An ordinary girl
Can make the world alrightAPW_3814-Edit
Love me all the way
Saturday night
Saturday night
Quarter to fiveAPW_7177
When the storefronts are closed in paradiseAPW_7280
Meet me outside the Cherry Light

APW_7134-Edit-2You and I walk away
An ordinary girlAPW_2859
Will make the world alright
She’ll love me all the way
It’s Saturday night, yeah, yeah
Ordinary girl
And all the coloured lightsAPW_7250
She’ll love me all the way
It’s Saturday night
Saturday night

Love me wrong or right
Who do you love?
Who do you really love?
Who do you love?
Who do you really love?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Saturday night, yeah
Saturday night, yeah
Saturday night, yeah
Saturday night, yeah
I love an ordinary girl
She’ll make the world alrightAPW_7155
She’ll love me and I know
Love is Saturday night
Alright, alright, alright
She’ll love me_MG_7326-Edit-Edit