Praecipua* (Part One)

My Latin education ended over 40 years ago apologies if my usage or translations in this piece don't quite cut it, but I was looking for a title that meant status symbol or something similar.  I ended up with things of importance which while not quite the same will have to do. One of the "things" … Continue reading Praecipua* (Part One)


What did the Romans…. (SOS)

... ever do for Catalonia? Earlier in my posts about Barcelona I mentioned that the development of the city really began with the arrival of the Romans who developed a great port here and laid the foundations for the prosperous metropolis that was to spread inland.  So is this a city with Roman sites to … Continue reading What did the Romans…. (SOS)


Ironically for a photographer, I've lacked focus this week.  Nothing inspired me to go and point a lens at it. This may have been because I've been working in a location that I'm very familiar with, and where I've been out to shoot the things that interest me already, but I have to question my … Continue reading Randomness

Loading the wagon

The Roman Empire was a magpie; borrowing foods (lentils from Egypt), religion (Mithra from Persia) and language from those they subsumed into their boundaries.  A word that they borrowed from the Gauls, karros, meaning a wagon or cart was Latinised into carrus to refer to a Gallic wagon.  Words like car, carriage, cargo and carry have … Continue reading Loading the wagon