Old Sites With New Eyes

I have on occasions been rather disparaging about my home city of Sunderland, particularly in relation to its attempts at public art. (Remember Ambit anyone?) So when the North East Photographic Network mailed me about an event they were running as part of the BBC's Get Creative project, I felt I should be open-minded enough to go along. … Continue reading Old Sites With New Eyes


Lux Appeal

A recent email from Canon directed me to the work of a Merseyside hairdresser call Stephen McNally.  I should stress that it was his photography not his tonsorial creations that I was viewing and what inspirational images he produces; using long exposure techniques to smooth out the movements of tide, and blur wind-blown clouds into dynamic … Continue reading Lux Appeal

No Guarantee

The landscape and outdoor photographer Matt Kloskowski is also well-known in photography circles for his training videos and helpful presets for use with Lightroom, so from time to time I dip into his website to see what's new that I can learn from.  On my last visit I couldn't resist a headline promising me the … Continue reading No Guarantee

Flying North

I'm staring right into the light And I'm drawn in like a moth And I'm flying North again... Thomas Dolby - Flying North To be fair, I wasn't flying.  I'd driven to the first of my three stops this morning, but the moment I stepped from the car into wind ripping along the North Sea … Continue reading Flying North


Finally a sign that Winter is relinquishing its grip. Not only did the sun shine, but it did its best to raise the air temperature too.  Not enough to have the beach swarming with swim suited sun worshippers, but enough to create a haziness as water vapour rose from wet sand into warm air.  The … Continue reading Sprung


This is not an invitation to my alliterative best friend to display her martial arts, arm wrestling or pillow pugilism skills.  It is rather a memory from three decades ago. Let me explain. In the far off days when I was a young and naive banker, someone in Personnel made the decision that it would … Continue reading Fight!

Finding “the special one”

Spoilers - there are no references to Jose Mourinho in this piece. Apart from that one. With my camera and I soon to be parted in the interests of repairing the damage caused by recent exposure to sea water, today was my last chance to go and get some pictures to blog about, and it … Continue reading Finding “the special one”