Early Eccentric

Just a few weeks after my visit to Hexham and I find another great church with 7th century origins.  From the side elevation Ripon Cathedral even shares a similar look due to the squat tower at the centre, though once you understand the history of the building then you'll understand that there was no plan … Continue reading Early Eccentric


Visitors Welcome

Ripon, like many cathedral cities, was one of the early beneficiaries of tourism. Pilgrims would come to see the relics brought back from Rome and part with cash for food and accommodation. We'll see in later posts whether the cathedral was worth the visit (hint - would I be here otherwise?) but for now I … Continue reading Visitors Welcome

Gatesville NY*

You know you're in a town with a bit of history when you see street names ending in "gate". In Durham there's Framwellgate, Milburngate, Crossgate and Gilesgate for example. In the location I visited were a few more, including a pretty classy place for a fish and chip shop. Now you'd be forgiven for thinking … Continue reading Gatesville NY*