Vanity Project

I tried to avoid the obvious locations when I last visited Rome; what would I gain from seeing the Coliseum once more, or ambling through the Forum and Imperial ruins for the third time in my life? There were two particular exceptions to this; the Musei Vaticani was one, for how could a few hours … Continue reading Vanity Project


My Name is Nobody (Enna IV)

And so as the two floats have been escorted to the cathedral with a funeral march and choral accompaniments at 7.00pm we are ready for the procession to begin. The robes for the oldest confraternity of SS Salvatore bear a red Maltese cross which suggests a link back to the crusades (this being the emblem … Continue reading My Name is Nobody (Enna IV)

About Face

One of the consequences of the Reformation was the loss of art in Northern Europe.  Statues were removed. (Did you spot the empty niches in this shot yesterday?) Paintings were destroyed.  Murals and frescos whitewashed over.  Carvings were vandalised. The Lady Chapel at Ely which adjoins the Cathedral is a large an airy building; a … Continue reading About Face