A Christmas Carolyn

Sometime ago I was talking to Carolyn, an old friend and colleague, about the challenges of spending Christmas Day on your own and the consequent trepidation that I was feeling.  As you would expect from such an experienced coach and counsellor, she wasn't going to let me get away with that for long, and we … Continue reading A Christmas Carolyn



I've spent a lot of timing musing on silence recently, and began thinking about how I would try to convey silence in a photograph.  Most of us would define it as the absence of sound, so logically the photographic equivalent would be an absence of light.  Not really what I wanted to achieve because it's … Continue reading Silence

Ritual of the Wave Worshipper

Dropping my daughter at work this morning I stopped to check out the shoreline and was surprised to find two juxtaposed constructions.  The shamanistic origins of the carefully placed cairn of coloured stones were clear, but what was the significance of the structure nearby; an upturned shopping trolley with adjoining bread basket?  Had the trolley … Continue reading Ritual of the Wave Worshipper