Grin twins

It’s about 16 years since my youngest daughter Holly was baptised, and for the most part all went well; parents and god parents said their piece, the baptismal waters weren’t to cold for Holly’s liking, and the priestly double act of Ken and Jen created a memorable service (unless you’re Holly!).

There was one slight problem however.  Partway through the service the liturgy was punctuated by a sharp thud, followed by a slight hubbub and shuffling.  Young Liam, who was only two or three at the time, had slipped of the kneeler and tipped face first into the pew in front, cleanly removing one of his front teeth.  Ouch.

Fast forward to this evening and I was photographing Liam, his sisters and his cousin.

His baby teeth are all long gone, but he still has a gap in his smile (which he’s hiding here).  Thankfully he’s still a good-looking lad (confirmed by Holly) and his twin sister Hannah can more than make up for the smiling…she’s a dental nurse!