The Ups and Downs of Creativity Pt I

Some weeks ago I wrote a series of articles on LinkedIn about the rules, or precepts, of creativity and how I have applied them both in my work as a facilitator but also in my photography.  These rules (as defined by the Open University during my MBA) don't take equal billing, and indeed remembering all … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of Creativity Pt I


The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly (Enna I)

It's shortly after lunchtime in a Sicilian hill town when the predators begin to gather in the otherwise empty streets. A stiff breeze blows eddies of dust and detritus into neat circular deposits.  A soundtrack by Morricone is required. The common lizard that hurries in and out of the cracks in the pock-marked wall of … Continue reading The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly (Enna I)

Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)

In the UK it's often seen as a sign of someone's lack of class if they are seen leaving a branch of Gregg's the bakers munching into a freshly bought pasty straight out of its bag. It's "chavvy" or common to do so in many people's eyes, possibly because it is an impossible task to … Continue reading Cibo di Strada (Genoan sustenance!)

Women (Habana 55)

Perhaps it was because I wasn't in a relationship when I went to Havana, but it seemed that many of the people I told about the trip reacted with a knowing smile and exclaimed "Ah, all the Latin beauties".  Several of these people were women too, although I suspect that Maria, who is Portuguese, was a … Continue reading Women (Habana 55)

Purple (Habana 44)

In the tourist traps of Habana Vieja you will almost certainly encounter those who earn a living by having their photographs taken, in most cases because their garish costumes almost parody the historical look that they seek to portray.  If that wasn't enough to identify these street actors, then they tend to have a laminated … Continue reading Purple (Habana 44)

Man in Havana (Habana 35)

Graham Greene's farcical black comedy Our Man in Havana predated the revolution, and painted an unflattering picture of the Batista regime, though the real subject for his ridicule was British Intelligence who in the book are fooled into thinking they are receiving details of the development of a secret military base in the mountains. The … Continue reading Man in Havana (Habana 35)