Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)

About 18 months ago the city authorities imposed Venice's first ban on motorboats.  It was only for a few hours, but during that time only electric, hybrid, or human-powered vessels were permitted; most of the 7000 or so registered craft were not. Why the ban?  To highlight the effect of exhaust fumes in damaging the … Continue reading Erosion & Corrosion (Venezia 118)


Miasma Generator

In 1979 a remarkable piece of work arising from the collaboration of an artist and a musician entitled The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony (though it has probably suffered from the identity crisis of not knowing whether it was a story, an album or a coffee table book of art) which told the story of the rise and … Continue reading Miasma Generator

Oh, this is futile*

*Monty Python - The Argument Sketch. A good proportion of the UK is under water at present as successive weather fronts deposit rain and snow at an alarming rate on towns and villages already sodden from weeks of wet weather. Those in the west have had the additional tribulation of hurricane force winds driving high … Continue reading Oh, this is futile*

Flotsam & Jetsam… and Jelly.

I'm on the road today, taxiing my eldest daughter back to the North East from Royal Holloway University in Surrey, so forgive me for writing this yesterday. The high winds have brought high seas, which means that there is a lot being deposited at the high water mark. Those helpful people at the RNLI lookout … Continue reading Flotsam & Jetsam… and Jelly.