Fake News & Little Fictions

2016 was a momentous year.  A watershed. History may look back on it as the point where we all woke up to the power of social media as propaganda, or the point where the role of good journalism in digging out important stories, establishing the truth and educating the world to that truth became irrelevant. … Continue reading Fake News & Little Fictions


Multi-cultural Part 2

Note - although published 15th July, this post was written before the dreadful Bastille Day attack in Nice.  I've no wish to make political points based on that tragedy so have left the post unchanged.  I'm sure those on both sides of the argument about our relationship with Europe will find justification for their views … Continue reading Multi-cultural Part 2

Proms in the Dark

In 2013 Darlington held its first Proms in the Park concert; an event aimed at bringing the people of Darlington together and promoting a sense of civic pride in the town.  This weekend saw the fourth of these events and brought me back to the town's South Park. The local newspaper's headline from the 2015 … Continue reading Proms in the Dark

State of Independence (SOS 2)

I've posted previously about the Cuban flag and it's role in the independence movement of that nation, and I can see the logic of a country separated by thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean from its European rulers seeking more autonomy, whether that be Cuba from Spain or the US from Britain. I mention this … Continue reading State of Independence (SOS 2)

Oh, this is futile*

*Monty Python - The Argument Sketch. A good proportion of the UK is under water at present as successive weather fronts deposit rain and snow at an alarming rate on towns and villages already sodden from weeks of wet weather. Those in the west have had the additional tribulation of hurricane force winds driving high … Continue reading Oh, this is futile*

A Question Of Belief

Spinning away on my turbo trainer on Sunday morning I caught most of a short radio programme in which political philosopher John Gray was reflecting on the power of human beings to eschew all rational thought, burying inconvenient truths that are discordant with our preferred view of the world.  We cling to beliefs in direct … Continue reading A Question Of Belief