Pisa Is Not Alone (Venezia 208)

Mention a leaning tower and Pisa gets all the attention; not without warrant I must say, for the colonnaded design of that tower makes it particularly attractive (not to mention its impressive neighbours in Field of Miracles) and if you ever ascend its spiral, the experience of feeling thrown from wall to wall as the lean pulls you towards the inner and then the outer wall is also memorable.  Let’s be fair though, Venice has lots more leaning towers (even it’s most famous; the Campanile of San Marco is in need of help with stability, despite being completely rebuilt in the 2oth Century) and we shouldn’t be surprised; building such structures on a series of water-logged islands in a lagoon probably isn’t good architectural practice.

This one is the bell tower of Santo Stefano and having added another 6.1cm to its lean in the last 60 years, it might just be in greater need than San Marco.