In the couple of decades that I’ve lived on the coast I never grow bored of the sea.

In our last house we had a sea view from Megan’s bedroom window, and I could often lose all sense of time staring out across the ever changing waters.  The trouble is I can’t expect that every reader of this blog shares the feeling, or is as captivated by the power of the sea as I am.  Three hundred and sixty five pictures of water might be asking a lot, so I try to vary my topics from things that I’m passionate about, things that I’ve learned, things about photography, the people I meet and so on.

This week I’ve had two ideas for something to write about, each of which I thought would be easily illustrated with photographs, yet it seemed that something in my subconscious was against them for today I spurned a number of opportunities for one, and couldn’t seem to get the other on my radar at all.  Consequently I’d walked for a couple of miles without inspiration.  In my desperation I was starting to see faces in the landscape around me…

My friend Sita likes my ability to portray faces, and regularly compliments me on the portraits that appear here, yet portrait stems from portrayal; a representation of some facet of the subject.  Who says that has to be a face?

I ask the question because as my walk neared it’s end I spotted a Hannah and Adam, a young couple who like me were in the sea’s thrall.  They’re two attractive people so it would be a shame not to share their faces with you, yet for me the portrait that captured them and their relationship was from behind them as they succumbed to the hypnotism before them.

I knew I liked the composition of the shot, but as the sky clouded over the image felt too cold for the emotion evident.  I warmed the colours slightly but still the sea was grey so I resorted to monochrome. still too cold but a little retoning and we have a result (although it was a shame to lose the fabulous redness of Hannah’s hair).  My first portrait of the back of someone’s head but I love it.

Potency.  Potent sea.