Forgotten Legend (Venezia 347)

Venice and St Mark are so intwined that the saint's image of a winged lion is just as likely to be thought of as emblematic of the city. It wasn't always so.  Prior to the Venetian raid which supposedly brought the relics of St Mark to Venice in the late 9th Century, the patron saint … Continue reading Forgotten Legend (Venezia 347)


Surprising (Venezia 279)

Hotelier and TV presenter Alex Polizzi has recently revealed to the world her take on Secret Italy, a guide to those places that are less obvious destinations, an opportunity to use her network to reveal some of the unseen sights of the tourist traps, and some hints as to how to get the most out of those … Continue reading Surprising (Venezia 279)

Clock (Venezia 245)

In the 15th Century, many of the great cities of Europe constructed large clocks whose mechanisms, in addition to telling the time, indicated phases of the moon, the astrological zodiac, and entertained through the use of moving figures that enacted some morality tale or biblical event.  Of the examples I've seen on my travels the crowds that congregate … Continue reading Clock (Venezia 245)

Thinning Out the Crowds (Venezia 244)

If you want to photograph St Mark's square with the sun lighting up the campanile and basilica then you have to wait until the afternoon for the sun to get into position.  Trouble is that by then there are hundreds of others getting into position then too; setting up their selfies with the same background, chasing … Continue reading Thinning Out the Crowds (Venezia 244)

No Rush (Venezia 174)

Riva degli Schiavoni is a busy thoroughfare.  Facing the Bacino San Marco, it is home to a number of 4 and 5 star hotels, one of the vaporetto stops nearest St Marks, the disembarkation jetties of a number of charter cruise companies, and the moorings of the superyachts that visit the city.  Add in the to and fro of … Continue reading No Rush (Venezia 174)

Caffè Russo (Venezia 136)

I've written here about the art that is on display on Caffe Florian, and here about the visitors from the east who are commonly encountered in the city, so it should come as no surprise to find a link between the two.  Passing Florian I spotted this mounted on the rear wall of one of … Continue reading Caffè Russo (Venezia 136)