The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly (Enna I)

It's shortly after lunchtime in a Sicilian hill town when the predators begin to gather in the otherwise empty streets. A stiff breeze blows eddies of dust and detritus into neat circular deposits.  A soundtrack by Morricone is required. The common lizard that hurries in and out of the cracks in the pock-marked wall of … Continue reading The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly (Enna I)


Cassie Jade

Talking to my friend Jane after Sunday's photoshoot, I remarked to her that shooting nudes was a great way to improve your ability to maintain eye-contact!  Though this was said in jest, there is an underlying truth to it, but one that has come back to me while I've been processing the images. The one … Continue reading Cassie Jade


I've recently been inspired by the work of David Nightingale, a photographer based in Blackpool, who is renowned for creating dramatic imagery using Photoshop to enhance colours, tones and contrasts.  Have a look at some of his work here on his website In one of his images a simple broken bucket, left abandoned on the … Continue reading Beachcombing