Welcome to the Costa Roker

Sun, sea, sand and Sunderland.  Time to make the most of the weather and so many ways in which to do it:

For some it’s a time for romancewhile other prefer a different type of companion.

Some want to get active

while others just want to chill.Some want to sit and enjoy the sunwhile others want to put their bucket and spade to use!

Some want to cool their feetwhile some want to keep everything out of the sun.Visitors come from far and wide (Carolyn & Celine)There’s even a handy car wash…and entertainment for the ladies.People even dress formally to eat ice cream!

Photographers come to do their thing…

which for me means finding a portrait, and on Roker Pier, amongst the sea angling fraternity I was bound to find someone.

This is Ian, who joked that he would have caught a fish by the time I’d returned from the lighthouse end of the pier, and then when I did so explained that he’d had to let it go because it was too large.  The perennial one that got away.  I was more successful I think!



Another record-breakingly warm day in the UK, and even the usually reliable North Sea failed to provide a cooling fog bank to spoil it.

Some took the opportunity to relax and watch the world go by (though not too much passes by on this horizon!).  For others though this was a perfect day to be doing something more energetic and getting out onto the water.

Keeping cool became a priority in Whitburn, whether by getting the roof down to feel the wind in your hair, or taking a more traditional seaside approach.  You can certainly understand the desire of a firefighter to cool off with a quick 99, but the passenger in this car seemed more desperate.  What was worse was that he appeared to be giving a driving lesson at the same time as enjoying his Ben & Jerry’s.

Down at the shoreline Ronnie Smith was entertaining his dogs by launching their ball into the water, sending his spaniels racing into the crystal waters; giving them maximum exercise for the least investment of effort!  He was clearly enjoying himself by the smile on his face.

It was a perfect summer’s day, and its barely spring – even other photographers were out and about wearing shorts!  All that was needed to complete the picture was a long legged bathing beauty stepping through the waters so here she is…

Of course it might be a “he”!