Sea, Sand and Bits of Mellow Fruitfulness*

The end of October means its time to attack the garden.

Hedge trimmers, shears, secateurs and loppers are brought to bear, whilst roses, gooseberry bushes, brambles, and hawthorns deploy their spiny defences.  If I can corrupt a line from The Hissing of Summer Lawns it’s a case of

and on every nettle and thorn,

just a little blood of his own.

Still when the sun chooses to shine there are some seasonal images to capture, and apart from the susurrus of wind on dry leaves there is only the persistent nagging of a cheeky robin.  Like some back seat driver he tweets his advice from the safety of the tangled bushes; close enough to be easily seen but too mobile to pose for a shot.

I’d thought that with this horticultural start to the day I should find a portrait subject in the nearby allotments, but whilst there was a blazing fire there was no sign of those who had lit it or anyone else there for that matter.

So down to the sea again where things were somewhat cooler, but I did meet Sue and Denise who overcame different degrees of reluctance to be photographed together.  Close bosom-friends as Keats may say.

*apologies to John Keats whose Ode to Autumn deserves better treatment!