Early Eccentric

Just a few weeks after my visit to Hexham and I find another great church with 7th century origins.  From the side elevation Ripon Cathedral even shares a similar look due to the squat tower at the centre, though once you understand the history of the building then you'll understand that there was no plan … Continue reading Early Eccentric


Good things come to those who wait

In a recent conversation with my daughter Megan about the autumn foliage she had remarked that I should have plenty of opportunity to see this along the riverside in Durham, for in the days when she came to school here, she often noticed the trees as she crossed the river at Elvet. My route in … Continue reading Good things come to those who wait

Solent Running (Soton Part I)

If I'm completely honest I wasn't thrilled when my employer told me I was off to Southampton this week. The distance played a part; the 300 mile drive was going to consume a big part of my Sunday, but aside from that the place itself didn't have any positive associations. I've only been on two … Continue reading Solent Running (Soton Part I)


At the moment it feels like that whenever it snows, it follows that I have a journey to make across the Pennines, and this usually means the A66, a road which has snow gates to prevent traffic from using it when the weather really deteriorates.  I recall a journey nearly 20 years ago before the gates were in … Continue reading Verteris

Watering Hole

Note to self; summer solstice long gone, days getting shorter. Considerably, it seems. Worked all day at a new piece of training, fed, watered and out in search of a portrait at 19.52. Sunset time 20.09. With conditions that could only be described as squally, there weren't many options to speak to someone about a … Continue reading Watering Hole

Overseas visitors

The North Sea coastline is sparsely populated for much of its course and consequently has been an attractive landing spot for invasions from mainland Europe. The Angles, Jutes and Saxons that rushed to Britain to fill the void left by the collapse of the Roman Empire supplanted much of Celtic culture (the Celts being earlier … Continue reading Overseas visitors