Northern Man

If you google “Northern Man” you will find amongst the suggested images a fair selection of that favourite stereotype “Man in Flat Cap”.  Though it has provided a seam of comic gold for many; Andy Capp, Python’s Four Yorkshiremen, The Goodies’ Ecky Thump and Bill Tidy‘s Fosdyke Saga for example, it’s an image as irrelevant today as the Londoner with rolled umbrella and bowler had striding across Westminster Bridge.

As I was in Newcastle today for an abortive attempt to have my camera sensor cleaned, I spent 15 minutes at the foot of Grey’s Monument capturing some candids of passers-by and by and large they put the stereotype to bed.

There were plenty who wore nothing on their heads;

but those who did adopt headgear eschewed the flat cap, unless you count the hat worn by the other photographer present…

The one guy with a flat cap probably wasn’t typical L S Lowry material!

Of course for a portrait I wanted someone who was deliberately interacting with the camera.  David was wearing a Nike baseball cap, but underneath it I could see some great eyes despite his otherwise dishevelled appearance.  When I asked for his picture he said nothing, but simply opened his mouth to add his unique dental arrangement into the mix.  Thanks David, I love this picture.  I just hope it isn’t stereotypical!