Meeting my youngest daughter at an uncharacteristically early hour in Newcastle this weekend allowed me a little time to stroll amongst the stalls of the Monument food market. Had we not already planned to have brunch after our shopping I might have been tempted to indulge in the variety of international dishes on offer, particularly … Continue reading Indulgence


Power Trio

All the swapping of lenses that I undertook in Havana wasn't really recommended for the health of my camera sensor, especially on the dry days when there was so much dust around that even the swiftest of changeovers was bound to let some of the stuff into the body of my Canon. Most of it … Continue reading Power Trio

Hold Your Head Up

I was surprised when the name John Grundy came up in conversation the other day. John who? Well if you reside outside the North East of England you might well ask, but he's a former teacher turned historian, writer and TV presenter.  He first came to my attention in the 1980's when he produced a … Continue reading Hold Your Head Up


With a bit of time to kill before meeting my daughter for lunch in Newcastle the other day, I naturally wandered the streets in search of some inspiration.  I love shooting in this city as there's always something to photograph, and even the old favourites have a habit of revealing something new each time; this … Continue reading Line

The Call of the Trail

On my recent visit to Berkshire as my colleague Kevan and I returned from sampling the wares of the local hostelry, I looked up to a remarkable display of stars, which then prompted two middle-aged men to stand in the cold, trying to locate the scant numbers of constellations that they could both identify and … Continue reading The Call of the Trail

Beyond First Impressions

On our drive home my daughter Meg was expressing her passion for conservation, and at snow point questioned the value of space exploration when we have so much work to do to preserve our own planet. On the face of it, a reasonable question, but the issue is more complex. For me, exploration of any … Continue reading Beyond First Impressions

About a Boy

The novelist Helen Fielding recently caused outrage amongst her fans when it was announced that in her latest book she had killed off one of the main characters of her hugely successful Bridget Jones series.  Bridget was now a widow, having lost her husband five years ago. Why should this cause such dismay?  The man … Continue reading About a Boy