Proms in the Dark

In 2013 Darlington held its first Proms in the Park concert; an event aimed at bringing the people of Darlington together and promoting a sense of civic pride in the town.  This weekend saw the fourth of these events and brought me back to the town's South Park. The local newspaper's headline from the 2015 … Continue reading Proms in the Dark


Son (Habana 50)

No, not as in a male child. Son as in the style of music that originated in Cuba of which Salsa is a derivative. Cigars and rum may be obvious Cuban exports, but when the Soviet Union collapsed the country lost a vital source of overseas income.  Tourism was encouraged as a means of generating … Continue reading Son (Habana 50)

Bologna Jazz

I mentioned in an earlier post the origins of the Portico Quartet's name, and really where else could they have been to acquire that moniker, for apart from the city's architectural signature it has hosted an annual jazz festival since 1958, making it even older than me! The city loves jazz.  On the Sunday that … Continue reading Bologna Jazz

The Very Visible Lighthouse

A couple of years ago my daughter Holly and I attended an unusual screening at Tyneside Cinema in which a film director was premiering his latest (and only) film. The evening was in three parts. Firstly the film was shown, though soundtrack and narration were performed live from a spot to the left of the … Continue reading The Very Visible Lighthouse


I enjoy photographing musicians in action; the engagement they have with their music allowing me to capture their character without them becoming distracted by the large black brick I'm holding to my eye, so I was frustrated when, dashing through Ely in search of sustenance and a few shots of the Cathedral, I didn't have … Continue reading Troubadour

Senator Canonica (Venezia 122)

Each journey between the Piazza and Lido takes you past the Riva dei Sette Martiri, the quayside where German troops executed 7 anti-fascists and refused the removal of their bodies as visible message to those who would oppose them.  Any research that includes reference to the seven martyrs will lead you to this story, which is … Continue reading Senator Canonica (Venezia 122)

Perception Is Reality?

The volume of driving required for my job is made bearable by a combination of Radio 4 and the songs on my iPhone, and it was the latter that I turned to this week as I made my way to Bardon in Leicestershire.  Set to shuffle each new song is a surprise, but I was … Continue reading Perception Is Reality?