A fragment of knowledge (Venezia 13)

Entering the Grand Canal from Piazza San Marco, you shortly pass Salute, the great church raised in thanks for the salvation of the city from plague, and shortly after that a Palazzo featuring dazzling mosaic work.  My Italian being virtually non-existent, I had assumed that the caption of this image “Salviati” referred to the same event but no, Salviati were a firm of glass makers whose work can be found in several UK locations including The Albert Memorial, the Regent Street Apple Store (which was once Salviati’s UK outlet) and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Venice is of course famed for its Murano glass, and it is here that Antonia Salviati originally founded his business, though as he was a lawyer, the expertise developed by the firm is surprising.

Salviati mosaics are bright and colourful because the use tessera (the individual pieces in a mosaic) of glass rather than stone; a Byzantine influence like so much in Venice, and coincidentally the main airport serving Venice (Marco Polo Airport) is located in a place called…

Tessera.  Coincidence?Venezia-1-2