What did the Romans…. (SOS)

... ever do for Catalonia? Earlier in my posts about Barcelona I mentioned that the development of the city really began with the arrival of the Romans who developed a great port here and laid the foundations for the prosperous metropolis that was to spread inland.  So is this a city with Roman sites to … Continue reading What did the Romans…. (SOS)


Oh, this is futile*

*Monty Python - The Argument Sketch. A good proportion of the UK is under water at present as successive weather fronts deposit rain and snow at an alarming rate on towns and villages already sodden from weeks of wet weather. Those in the west have had the additional tribulation of hurricane force winds driving high … Continue reading Oh, this is futile*


In the Monty Python sketch The Penultimate Supper, the Pope takes Michelangelo to task for painting a fresco of the last supper, which includes a kangaroo, jellies, 28 disciples and... 3 Christs!  (No wonder Leonardo got the gig!) You'll have to find the sketch to understand the relevance of all of this, but in the general … Continue reading Unbalanced


After the highs of the three athletics golds in the Olympic stadium last night, it was a much calmer world this morning.  Parking on the cliff tops I could see that the water was even calmer and hazier than it had been yesterday, but there was no blue in the sky to brighten it. There … Continue reading Lugubrious

die Schönheit von Eva

The 18th Century German philosopher Immanuel Kant states that beauty should have four qualities; Disinterest - we find the subject pleasurable because it is beautiful rather than the other way around.  If we described a meal as beautiful, it would probably be influenced by the taste and aroma, rather than purely down to its aesthetics … Continue reading die Schönheit von Eva

Northern Man

If you google "Northern Man" you will find amongst the suggested images a fair selection of that favourite stereotype "Man in Flat Cap".  Though it has provided a seam of comic gold for many; Andy Capp, Python's Four Yorkshiremen, The Goodies' Ecky Thump and Bill Tidy's Fosdyke Saga for example, it's an image as irrelevant … Continue reading Northern Man

“a little fermented curd will do the trick”*

As I approach the half way point of my year long quest to capture a portrait per day I've noticed that men and women approach the process differently. Most men have agreed to have their picture taken without question - I almost have to force the information upon them about my blog and the project.  … Continue reading “a little fermented curd will do the trick”*