The Ups and Downs of Creativity Pt I

Some weeks ago I wrote a series of articles on LinkedIn about the rules, or precepts, of creativity and how I have applied them both in my work as a facilitator but also in my photography.  These rules (as defined by the Open University during my MBA) don't take equal billing, and indeed remembering all … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of Creativity Pt I


Fort & Folly

Spurn Head Spit may now be significant as a natural habitat, but this sliver of shifting clay has military value too.  The Humber gives access to a number of major docks (though even in total they handle but a fraction of the traffic seen on the Thames) and so for an invading force coming by … Continue reading Fort & Folly

Victim of Prejudice

The town of Blyth has a long history, going back at least as far as the 12th century. Finds from the Neolithic era have been found nearby, though that in itself is no evidence of a settlement.  All the same it should be exactly the sort of place that appeals to me, especially when you … Continue reading Victim of Prejudice

Back. To Bologna.

So in what appears to be an annual event, I distract myself from the bitterness of another festive season on my own by opting for a few days in Italy. Not Venice this time, nor any of the other Italian favourites I've visited over the years, but to the city of Bologna about which I … Continue reading Back. To Bologna.

Connect and Be Receptive… one of the precepts of creativity according to the studies that were part of my MBA.  That, and Live with Looseness I seem to recall (perhaps inaccurately). The trouble is there were, according to the Open University, about a dozen of these and I can only remember two!  Not to worry though, I employ the … Continue reading Connect and Be Receptive…

Life’s Simple Pleasures

With summer drawing to a close, at least as marked by the long school holiday, the seaside draws many to enjoy the last few days of sun and sand.  I'm also part of this throng, though the evidence elsewhere on this blog proves that I'm not simply a fair weather visitor. Bouncing from coast to coast as my … Continue reading Life’s Simple Pleasures

Fine dell’Avventura (Venezia 365)

Well this is it, my final image from my project to reveal a different aspect of Venice for each day of the last year.  I didn't save the best 'til last, but I did save one that is unmistakably Venetian.  I've enjoyed the journey as I've learnt so much more about the city from my … Continue reading Fine dell’Avventura (Venezia 365)