Easby to Love

Ask me to name the monastic houses that Henry VIII "dissolved" in the North East of England and my first response would be Rievaulx, Fountains, Mount Grace; the ruins that I visited as a schoolboy.  Give it a little more thought and I might venture Whitby, Tynemouth, Jervaulx, Monkwearmouth, Finchale and Lindisfarne. I might say "there's … Continue reading Easby to Love


Back so soon Persephone?

After the thick mists which regularly obscured Watership Down at dawn last week, it felt as if, following an unusually warm summer, we were in for a more Keatsian autumn.  The trees and bushes are bent under the weight of abundant fruit, the leaves redden, and days grow shorter. The ancient Greeks (and several other … Continue reading Back so soon Persephone?

Trenches, strings, and roof wraggles!

Long before Channel 4 unleashed Tony Robinson and the rest of the Time Team crew upon us I was interested in archaeology, (studying Latin and Ancient History at school has that effect) and so when there was a dig taking place locally I was excited to see what was going on. This was in the … Continue reading Trenches, strings, and roof wraggles!