And now for something completely different…

How ironic that the same sea that was so frustratingly calm yesterday should be so stormy this evening.  Post Tropical Storm Nadine (there's a title and a half) has skipped across the Atlantic to douse us in 24 hours of rain and gale force winds.  Not the sort of weather that any sane person would … Continue reading And now for something completely different…


Welcome to McElderry Country?

To the native Celts it was Caer Urfa.  When the Roman's sought to fortify the mouth of the Tyne with a fort, they called it Arbeia ("place of the Arabs"), a name which could have been reapplied in the 19th Century when a Yemeni community was established there.  To us it's South Shields.  Or just … Continue reading Welcome to McElderry Country?

Alien encounter

In the early 1990's I recall a certain amount of local press outcry that a short stretch of the north-east coastline was being used as a location for shooting a major Hollywood film.  A strange reaction you might think, since film locations are often celebrated as tourist attractions. The film was Alien³, for me the … Continue reading Alien encounter