Same sh*t, different colour uniform…

…is how someone described the result of changing employers to me recently.  It seemed to sum up many people’s experience very nicely, and provided a parallel to my experience today.  For a change I headed north before hitting the sands, and strode out over the dunes at South Shields.

It had originally been my intention to try to find some nice leading lines from the rough fences that criss-cross the dunes, but on discovering that the fences were there for the protection of rare plant species the option to trudge amongst them was gone.

And so I reverted to type, walking the high water mark in search of interesting flotsam, chatting to kite surfers, and photographing anything that caught my eye, which was much the same as I usually shoot at Whitburn!

The two kite surfers were Mick and Mark, two brothers out celebrating the latter’s birthday with a bracing dose of sea spray.  If you enlarge the vertical shot with the kite at the top, you’ll see Mark horizontal in the breakers.  You certainly know how to party guys!


Sublime subverted


The circumstances of today’s photograph were rather similar to those when I wrote Monday’s blog Sublime.  The skies were cloudy, the beach was sparsely populated and the departing tide left a mirror of wet sand to bounce more light around.In contrast to Monday’s shots though I opted not for the overworked, high contrast underexposed imagery for something a little closer to my usual style.  Well some of the time anyway!

As I did so the heaven’s opened, though for once I had chosen to carry umbrella as well as camera, so there wasn’t an immediate need to stow the kit and stop shooting.  I like the way in which heavy rain creates pock-marked puddles as the shore which are continually erased by the next wave, only to begin again as the sea water subsides.

On Monday the sparse population of the beach meant I had to go elsewhere in search of a subject, and that was also the case today.  The entrance of the local Morrison’s supermarket being the only place likely to see a guaranteed flow of humanity, I made my way there.

On Monday my search led me to Jo, with her perfect complexion and long blond hair.  Today it led me to Mick.
Thanks Mick – you were a good sport!