You’ve got a friend in me

Randy Newman – You’ve Got a Friend in Me (From Disney/Pixar’s ”Toy Story”)

I’m not here today – this is virtual me writing from a location somewhere in the past.

I’d better explain.  Today my friend, colleague, mentor and sounding board Marilyn is marrying Paul and all my energies and attention will be focused on photographing the event which I’m honoured to be doing.  This makes a daily portrait blog a little challenging though, because while I know I will have lots of great pictures on my memory card, I’ll not have the resources to upload any, or the time to write any accompanying text.  You’ll have to wait a day or two for that blog.

Today is a cheat then.  I took the photograph a couple of weeks ago, and as I don’t think it fair to keep someone I’ve photographed in the street waiting more than a few hours I needed to take a different tack, so I called upon the services of a willing model who hasn’t featured in the blog so far this year.

The funny thing is that phrase “willing model” because last year I photographed a series of portraits of her at home as a surprise for her husbands birthday, and she was every bit as uptight and self-conscious as Jade was last week.  We were there for a couple of hours, and you could probably have written off the first 30 minutes together with the false smiles and strained neck muscles that went with it.

The session had a transformational effect though.  As soon as she had viewed the pictures she had a Damascene conversion and in her words “will pose for anybody now”.  What’s more she doesn’t mind how much I process the resulting imagery.  (We’ll not mention the roots Jack!).

So when my wife arranged to meet Jackie for a drink recently I saw my chance, and shooting outside the pub for a couple of minutes before the serious girl-talk got underway I shot some pictures that made the most of the evening sun in her enormous eyes.  I had a choice between going for the whole arty portrait look or something a bit more natural, but why choose – let’s consider it a favour returned and use both!